We are Art&Graft,
a motion-led design studio with a combined creative vision to craft intelligent, original work

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  • A Digital Detox
    Studio Culture

    A Digital Detox

    Our Studio Manager & Production Assistant, Emily, reflects on an enforced smartphone hiatus...

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  • Anything but IKEA
    Studio Culture

    Anything but IKEA

    Feeling uninspired? The Art&Graft team reveal how they plan to spend their 3-day weekend. Plans include: breakfast burritos, rugby and animals drawn with a very fine camelhair brush

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  • #BreatheResponsibly
    Studio Culture


    Our animator and designer, Jim Wheeler, visited Bompas & Parr's 'Alcoholic Architecture' near Borough Market. Here are his musings on breathable booze...

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  • About Art & Graft

    About Art & Graft

    Art&Graft is a motion-led design studio founded by creative director Mike Moloney.

    We create outstanding animation and motion; a combined creative vision to craft intelligent, original work. Our name reflects the philosophy that underpins everything we do - exceptional creative concepts realised through the painstaking attention to the tiniest of detail.

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  • The London Studio

    The London Studio

    We're very proud of our studio - part art gallery, part workshop - set just off Brick Lane in London's bustling East End.

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