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Computer Arts: Global Design Issue

We have been very lucky with the wonderful response we have received for our Trip film for Virgin Atlantic. From features on Motionographer, YCN interviews, The Telegraph and even a mention on ABC News, all of the coverage has been great. 

We are also very pleased to be featured in the Computer Arts Global Design Issue as Motion Highlight in their "The Very Best New Design" feature. If you can, be sure to get your hands on a copy and check out the glow in the dark cover too. 

Safety First

Virgin Atlantic Safety Film

When design and motion studio Art & Graft was asked to create Virgin Atlantic's new safety video, it decided to turn the concept on its head. "Just as the passengers are about to set off we wanted to take them on a little journey of our very own," says studio founder Mike Moloney. The self-confessed "film geeks" at Art & Graft decided to take the viewer on a six-minute trip through the history of cinema, in a sequence that references everything from Apollo 13 to Yellow Submarine to James Bond. 

Although parts of the film were created using 3D techniques, all the character animation uses the traditional frame-by-frame method. "It was very labour intensive," says Moloney, "but ultimately rewarding. The results look beautiful."

"Originally, we included Richard Branson as a roaring lion, as a parody of the MGM opening credits. Branson agreed but MGM's lawyers vetoed the idea," adds Moloney with a smile. "If you look closely though, there's a subtle representation of Richard Branson in the final psychedelic scene."

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