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Tooled Up: Hvass & Hannibal

Composed of wood, paper, paint, corals, a pencil, glue and screws, Hvass&Hannibal have used the spirit level has been used as the central focus to construct a piece exploring balance. An abstract take on constructing something. 

Atop a wooden base with two pegs lays this delicate and beautiful juxtaposition of elements carefully balanced to maintain their position and alignment with each other they create an almost fantastical landscape. 

Hvass&Hannibal's work has a distinct beautiful sensitivity and human touch alongside a clear attention to detail and willingness to experiment with materials. Although we had followed their work for a while, notably after the brilliant Losing the Plot show at Kemistry Gallery in 2010, it was their recent visual identity for a Danish children's library that reminded us of the playful and ingenious nature of their work. 

"Visual identity for the children’s department at Copenhagen's central library, Hovedbiblioteket. 

The identity is based on a modular system of shapes that can form different characters and patterns. The idea is that the kids can have fun with this system – creating stories and characters of their own – and that the identity can continue to grow in many directions."


Hvass&Hannibal is a multi-disciplinary art and design studio based in Copenhagen. Since 2006, Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Hannibal have worked in close collaborative partnership with illustrative and conceptual design in a number of different fields for clients in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Whether digital or three-dimensional, the studio projects range from esoteric illustrative beginnings to full art direction and graphic design solutions. Although often working with high profile clients, Nan Na and Sofie try to continuously maintain a positive balance between non-commercial and commercial projects, juggling between the two fields to keep their minds and hands creatively challenged.

Hvass&Hannibal’s work has been exhibited in Europe numerous times, including Designmuseum Denmark, If You Could and Kemistry gallery in London, Allmänna Galleriet in Stockholm, Gallery Mohs exhibit in Copenhagen, Rojo Out exhibition in Barcelona, and Notch festival in China.

Hvass&Hannibal have been featured in a number of publications including Creative Review, Print, Computer Arts, Design Week, IDN, Surface magazine, Form, Ud og Se, and Legatbogen.

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