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Tooled Up: Merijn Hos

"Spontaneous, first thought was a hacksaw standing up is a frame for a globe or a planet. A hacksaw saw cutting a planet in two, that is what I tried to capture." A gaseous blend of swirling black, white and bright pink clouds make up the atmosphere of this planetary body, yet no matter how long you look at it there are always new aspects to discover and whimsical worlds to imagine. 

In a similar vein to Merijn Hos' Tooled Up piece are his personal wooden sculpture gardens, A strange and wonderful assortment of characters, plants and objects. The wooden sculptures started as an exercise in spontaneity - to utilise his drawings as cut silhouettes but very loosely avoid the urge to hold on to an outline. The collection of 262 sculptures that now spans two series varies between 5 and 14 inches, really brings his work to life. 

Merijn Hos is an artist and illustrator from Utrecht, The Netherlands. He divides his time between working as a commercial illustrator and working on his own personal projects, exhibitions, and independent publishing. Merijn’s clients include Jawbone, 030303 Records, Coca-Cola, Dazed & Confused Magazine, Red Bull, Wired Magazine, Keds, Vice Magazine, Pepsi, Le Sportsac, Nickelodeon, Adobe and Nike. 

Merijn’s work has been exhibited worldwide at KK Outlet, Chapter One, and Rough Trade in London, Beginnings Gallery, and Grey Area in New York, Showroom Mama, Opperclaes Gallery, and Stedelijk Museum Kampen in The Netherlands, Studio Banana in Madrid, Parsons School of Design in Paris, McCulloch Gallery in Melbourne, and Design Museum in Helsinki. 

Merijn and his work have been featured in numerous magazines, and publications worldwide including IdN, Vice Magazine, Computer Arts, Frame, Dazed & Confused, Root, Beautiful/Decay, Code, and DPI. 

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