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Tooled Up: Peepshow Collective

Peepshow Collective is a multi-disciplinary collective focusing on illustration, animation and art direction. When we approached them to be involved in Tooled Up we knew there would be a diverse range of work, and we weren't disappointed!

Marie O'Connor - Untitled

"A hook to capture or hang from was the starting point really. 

And the idea of 'threading' generally, or pulling threads through, to make loops was interesting. So, the loop or the circle became a form to play with; from beads, embroidery hoops, polka dots and wobbly jacquard-woven spots on fabric etc. 

There was also the interest in making circular movements over round objects, so the process of wrapping in braid or rope, and 'covering', partially or completely, allowed me to bring in a considered range of materials. 

The wood was also an inspiration in that regard, and the materials and colour are quite neutral, with a bit of texture or quiet glamour thrown in to balance the dryness. 

And I suppose each object has a relationship with what it's attached to on either side. An embroidery hoop treaded through a type of scrunchie, attached to a squished but solid ball, is an attempt at thinking about composition in that way."

Designer and illustrator Marie O'Connor works on collaborative and independent projects, building a diverse folio of work across a range of disciplines. She spends her time between London and Stockholm and is also a member of Peepshow Collective.

Jenny Bowers - Untitled 

Screwdriver and gouache tube

"I had a pretty ordinary looking screwdriver, of really good quality. I couldn't bring myself to do too much to it as its a cracking screwdriver, so I have repurposed it to make it into something that I need in my working life more than a screwdriver. I have simply re-appropriated it as a tool to squeeze the last bit of paint out of my gouache tubes. The shaft of the screwdriver has a handy flat bit the exact width of the tubes of paint that I use, so it seemed apt. I have sanded and oiled the handle to reflect its 'new' purpose." 

Jenny Bowers has been working as an illustrator since graduating from The Royal College of Art, London in 1999 with an MA in Animation. Joining Peepshow Collective, London in 2003. 

She illustrates internationally for newspapers, magazines, for fashion and design clients, book publishers and has just finished illustrating her first children's book. 

Lucy Vigrass - Untitled

A screwdriver used as a substitute knitting needle.

Lucy Vigrass is an illustrator living and working in London. Her work has been used extensively for editorial and advertising clients worldwide. 

As part of Peepshow Collective she has worked on animation, art direction and installation projects for clients including Somerset House and The Victoria and Albert Museum. 

Spencer Wilson - Sprung Hammer

"Having received my tool; a hammer , in the post my first thought was ... 'what am I going to do with this?' - I draw pictures and make prints.  How was I going to customise or re-purpose my hammer?

A hammer is defined as a tool to deliver an impact to an object, varieties of which include Club Hammer,  Ball-Peen Hammer, Rock Hammer, Claw Hammer, Sledge Hammer, with each often designed for a specific purpose.  

To begin with I experimented inking the head and hitting some paper to generate a print , however this failed to have an impact.  I wasn't succeeding in working out a solution to draw / paint on the hammer itself either.  I'd hit a wall. It was this failure to generate and force a solution that I was happy with that led me to physically alter and create a hammer with the specific purpose of failing to hit the nail on it's head

The result is a simple introduction of a spring and the creation of the 'Sprung Hammer'  - a hammer that is perfectly useless."

Spencer is an illustrator, print maker and co-founder of the illustration, design and animation company Peepshow Collective Ltd. He has been working to commission since 1998 in a world of neat piles of mess, coffee cups and ordered chaos. His work follows this theme with the creation of sketchy ideas and twisted thoughts, carried through into clean vectored, balanced images placed in dynamic flat colour compositions with the occasional introduction of texture. He's also a father to 2 fantastic girls who never cease to inspire him.

Examples of his work can be seen gracing the advertising billboards in London and across Europe, animated on TV screens, popping up on the web, adding a dash of humour to the weekend / daily newspaper supplements, monthly glossies and very rarely hanging in neat white spaces in frames.

Miles DonovanBat symbol prototype (1937-1938)

"I bought the object in a junk shop in New York City, 1982. The owner said it was retrieved it from the home of Milton "Bill" Finger in a house clearance. Milton sadly passed away in 1974."

Miles Donovan is a London-based Illustrator, art director and co-founder of Peepshow Collective. His work has been used internationally for editorial and advertising clients including The New York Times, Creative Review, Newsweek, The Telegraph, TIME  and Wired. You can find his illustrations in the books ‘Illusive’, ‘The Fundamentals of Illustration’, ‘Pen and Mouse’ and ‘50 Years of Illustration’.

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