Bolon By You


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Bolon By You allows designers and architects to create their own bespoke flooring, customised with modern designs and colour combinations to suit any environment or ambience.

Art&Graft were commissioned to produce a sixty second animation to showcase this unique system and explore ‘material interventions’ - the concept of the flooring as a central architectural element to be combined with other materials.

We choreographed a precise but playful dance of materials which drift and rotate across the flooring to form new compositions. As the camera shifts, the colour combinations within the flooring seamlessly transition and the lighting subtly alters so that each perspective offers a different ambience.


Credits —

Design & Animation by Art&Graft

Concept and Direction by Doshi Levien

Creative Director: Mike Moloney

Lead Creative: Martin Salfity

Creative: Stephen Middleton

Producer: Tom Bromwich

Music and Sound Design: Brains & Hunch

Tags: Commercial

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