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Art&Graft have designed and developed the Global Rebrand for Cartoon Network’s channel - Boomerang.

The brand was in need of an update to strategically reposition and re-establish itself as a dominant player in its market. We worked with Cartoon Network to develop a playful and cohesive on-air visual language and brand package.


Boomerang is a cartoon classic network from Turner Broadcasting, parent company of the iconic Cartoon Network. Originally launched in the U.S. on 1st April 2000, Boomerang debuted as a 24-hour, commercial-free network dedicated to showcasing classic cartoons from the Hanna-Barbera, MGM and Warner Bros. animation libraries. In 2013 Turner Broadcasting decided to rebrand Boomerang to appeal to two generations; as kids who grew up on these time-tested shows, parents will be able to share their childhood favourites with their own children.

We were approached to create a distinct, flexible new visual identity which could refresh Boomerang for this dual audience, re-align the branding across territories and create a complementary channel to Cartoon Network, whilst establishing its own identity & personality.


Re-crafting the visual heritage and current branding of parent channel Cartoon Network, we created a distinct, flexible on-air package to articulate the new brand personality of Boomerang. Our approach was centred around creating a fun, sensory, light-hearted world in which the Boomerang characters could live and grow. Evolving from the new brandmark an active isometric grid was formed upon which content is layered and built to create a joyful playground.

“We looked to create a wonderfully playful brand identity - a fun-filled playground of surprise and excitement. The use of blocks relates to its ‘bigger brother’ Cartoon Network, allowing the two brands to complement one another yet, with the use of rich colour and isometric grid, also enables Boomerang to stand out clearly as its own destination. A place packed full of magic and wonder, where things are constantly revealed and appear in unexpected and entertaining ways.” - Mike Moloney, Creative Director

Complementing this we created a range of modular ‘Diamond Events’ that build our worlds and interact with the channel’s characters. The modular approach to the design makes it possible to swap around and replace each animation, enabling each region the freedom and flexibility to bring their own particular creative spin to the rebrand.

As William Mercer, Lead Creative explains “The ‘Diamond Events’ are mini animations which populate the channel adding a fun and playful surprise. As well as delivering multiple colour versions, Diamond Events allow modular elements to be utilised to create new combinations and add to a real diversity. Every brand element starts and ends with the logo acting as a button into the world, so you never know where it might take you.”

Structured to deliver familiarity and recognition, this approach builds on the best of the brand - its warmth and playfulness - whilst remaining simple, with a friendly, approachable spirit.

The branding successfully launched in Latin America on 29th Sept 2014, followed by Australia on the 3rd Nov 2014, and has continued to be rolled out across the USA, EMEA and APAC Networks throughout early 2015.


Character Bumpers


Movie & Stunt Packaging

Concept, Design & Direction by Art&Graft

Creative Directors:
Mike Moloney (Art&Graft)
Michael Ouweleen (Cartoon Network)
Jacob Escobedo (Cartoon Network)

Lead Creative:
William Mercer (Art&Graft)

Beth McQueen (Art&Graft)
Susan Shipsky (Cartoon Network)

Lead Designers / Animators:
Martin Salfity (Art&Graft)
Clement Bolla (Art&Graft)
Stephen Middleton (Art&Graft)
Jim Wheeler (Art&Graft)

Animators working as part of the in-house team at Art&Graft: Martin Aggerholm, Jason Drew, Carlos de Faria, James Hatley, Jamie Hoy, Sebastian Livingston, Sam Munnings, Marcos Savignano, Joseph Winston.

Music & Sound Design: Bluetube


Bass Awards 2015 - Best TV Channel Branding - Gold

Design Awards 2015 - Best TV, Film and Video Graphics - Winner

Ciclope Festival 2015 - Animation: Motion Graphics - Silver

Creative Review Annual 2015

YCN Professional Awards 2015 - Shortlist

Selected Press:

Design Week / Stash / YCN / Creative Review / Branding Magazine / Promax DBA

Tags: Branding

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