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Gizmosis : An obsession with any advanced technological device, usually pointless and/or confusing. A condition or abnormal process characterised by an obsession with anything small and electronic.

From the outset we decided that the only way to keep fresh and develop as a team would be to produce self-initiated work. This was initially realised through our well-received Art&Graft 'Intro’s' series, of which we’ve made numerous now and act as an initial challenge to any animator starting out in our studio.

Even though these Intro’s are fun we wanted to work on something a little more challenging. So, we decided to start producing a series of short studio films, the catchily titled 'Art&Graft Studio Films'.

Gizmosis is the first of three films in this forthcoming series and came about through a failed pitch for a rather large automobile company who shall remain nameless. We loved the concept and the styleframes so much that we decided it was well worth developing into something bigger. Gizmosis was born.

We began by gathering audio samples from as many tiny machines and mechanical objects as we could find, from model steam engines to broken hard drives. By disregarding the visuals and editing just the audio we were able to create something that sounded to us like a conversation. Once we were happy with our disembodied audio bed the challenge was to recreate a new collection of stylised gizmos to match. The humour of the piece naturally evolved early on in the process; the mechanical devises all seemed to have a personality of their own.

To continue be inspired and keep a healthy interest in what you do, you must be challenged both technically and creatively and these films are proving a perfect way for us to achieve that. We hope that, spare time willing, this short film series will be a permanent fixture within the Art & Graft studio for the foreseeable future.

Sound Design by Brains & Hunch

Featured on Shots / Creative Review

Watch the teaser here -

Gizmosis teaser

Gizmosis teaser

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