Seven Second Sins

Seven Second Sins

Seven Second Sins is a new monthly animation challenge dedicated to reinterpret and showcase the Seven Deadly Sins from Dante’s infamous list. It’s animation of the damnation!

The next Sin in SLOTH! The colour is BLUE! Deadline for entries is 22nd October! 

To get involved sign up here or to ask any questions contact

Good luck, and remember folks, Sinning Is Winning!


Seven Second Sins – WRATH

Stephen Middleton @sejmiddleton
Pablo Thomas/Christian Taylor/Monsiour Trois Plumes @_pablothomas/@crtheproducer/@christiantailor
Jorge Miksi/Victoria Wijeratne @miksico/@vwijimusic 
Sean Van Praag @svanpraag

Oscar Mar @oscarmarstudio
Fernando Jurado @fe_jurado
Alexander Lory @morn_visuals
Andrei Staruilala @andreistaruiala
Andre De Young @andredeyoung
Hadrien Cauhepe @hadrien_chp
Dani Player @_daniplay_
Mikey Dowdle @mikeydowdle